Why you should buy that beach house in (early) 2016

beach house2As if you may need any further reason to buy that beach house (beach + house = need we say more), 2016 could be the year you leap off the fence and make the decision to purchase your dream oceanfront, beach block or lagoon-front property.

From us, of course.

But, we digress.

Not only because our Beach House Realty team says you should, but here are a few more valid reasons you should grab that dream home on or near the sand in the New Year:

  • Home prices will level out – Property values have been on an uptick for quite a while, but this pace is likely to calm down a bit in 2016. This means, many of you who have been behind the curve may be able to jump into the buying pool this year.
  • They’ll be more inventory to choose from – Due to the price leveling, it should prompt more homeowners to list their properties, providing home buyers more inventory from which to choose.
  • The window for low mortgage rates is closing (and soon) – It is widely expected that the Federal Reserve is going to be raising interest rates fairly soon, so the time to buy is NOW. Buyers will likely get the best rates they may see in their lifetimes over the course of the new few months.
  • Rents will skyrocket – If you and/or your family have been renting that same beach house property every year, it will most likely be financially more feasible to buy one of your own this year. Rents are expected to continue to climb, making it more cost effective to buy.

Conditions for pulling the trigger on a beach house offer couldn’t be any sweeter than right now. Our team is here at the ready for you.

Check out our current listings by clicking here, and then call our office for a showing.

Happy beach house buying in 2016!

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