Decking the halls while selling your home

beach-house-christmas-decor-8If you’re reading this on Monday, that means December 1 is tomorrow.

And, that means your calendar will be packed with parties and many of you will spend every extra waking moment you have shopping and decorating.


Though typically real estate slows down through the holidays, there are a few brave souls who continue to house hunt throughout the winter months – and these are traditionally the very serious buyers.

Therefore, your (tastefully done) trimmings on your beach home for sale should entice them to ring in the new year having (hopefully) purchased your home by the New Year.

But, how does one deck the halls on a home for sale?

Our Beach House Realty team provides you with a few quick (and hopefully painless) tips:

Clear clutter and stage. If your home is piled high with clutter, it will be too difficult and overwhelming to add your tasteful holiday touches. Only use what is absolutely necessary for you to live comfortably.

Create a coziness. While less-is-more (usually) when staging a home, you can still create a cozy vibe with such natural decorative touches – such as wreaths, bowls of pinecones and a few holiday-scented candles should do the trick.

Be mindful to match color palettes. While your beach home may be painted in blues and greens, the typical holiday reds and greens may clash too much. Why not choose white snowflakes and simple glass ornaments.

Draw more attention to what already works. Perhaps you can hang some mistletoe in an ornamental doorway, or place your menorah or small tree on a bay window. While doing so, try to keep as much personalizing out of your decorating as possible. Buyers wants to envision themselves there.

Use lights sparingly. We encourage you to use lights (white, if possible) to accentuate your homes’s architecture or beautiful landscaping, but not to drown them out. Perhaps you can use a few well-place window candles as well.

Try to keep overtly religious pieces boxed up this year. Buyers could be put off by overwhelmingly religious touches. Keep your home as neutral as possible.

Carried out properly, these tips could help buyers get into the holiday spirit!

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