Don’t let winter pass you by – now is a good time to buy!

winter on lbiIt’s been downright frigid here on Long Beach Island and throughout the surrounding region of late, but that shouldn’t deter you from getting out there and checking out the real estate inventory.

We understand that 20 degree temps and threats of snow may not exactly entice you to want to go house hunting. However, it may behoove you to begin looking now – yes, now – for these several reasons:

  • More leverage with less competition – While spring and summer do boast the more active seasons in terms of the real estate market, with more inventory also comes more competition from other buyers. Additionally, the majority of the sellers who keep their homes listed throughout the winter are often more motivated for one reason or another, giving you more leverage in terms of making an offer.
  • The ability to assess a home’s durability – Even here along the shore in south Jersey, old man winter can rear his ugly head. However, if you’re house hunting now, you may be able to better detect drafts, assess the home’s heating system and get an overall feeling of its insulation.
  • You may have an agent (and others important in the homebuying process) all to yourself – During the winter months, you’ll be less likely to vie for the time of your agent with other buyers as they will have few clients they need to focus on. This also applies to lenders, inspectors, etc.
  • Seeing the neighborhood scene in the winter – Eyesores and other functional failures of both home and neighborhood are unable to be covered up by the green grass and lush blooms of spring and summer. During winter, you’ll get to check out the neighborhood in its true light, and not its dressed-up version. You’ll also be able to take note of how the municipalities tend to their streets and sidewalks in preparation of, and/or during a snow event. This is important.

While you won’t be able to house shop in your Bermuda shorts and flip flops, they’re are many advantages to house hunting in the winter.

We invite you to stop in our office on 9th Street in Ship Bottom anytime. Let’s get started. The beaches of LBI, by the way, are beautiful this time of the year.


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