Spring (inventory) is in the air on LBI

spring on lbiHey there all of you Beach House fans, here are a few numbers we thought we’d share with you on this fine February morning.

Spring is a mere 24 days away.

Memorial Day weekend is just over 90 days away.

As of today, February 25, there are 603 properties available on Long Beach Island.

That’s what we know.

What we also know is that everything is coming early this year. Daylight savings time is early, Easter is early. Therefore, the Spring housing boom will be early.

“But it’s only February,” you contest. Yes, well, maybe.

But as we said, Spring is coming in a little over three weeks.

Additionally, over the course of the last four decades or so, when temperatures across the month of February were above-average, home sales experienced a 60-percent growth over the prior year. Averages temperatures here in the LBI region are predicted to be in the high 40-‘s and low 50’s for the last week of the month. Last weekend, the mercury soared into the 60’s.


Now is the time, therefore, to get in the Beach House game. Before you know it, inventory will dwindle – especially quality inventory – as the days continue to get longer and the sun lingers higher in the sky for more hours per day.

If you’re primed to hunt and buy this Spring on LBI, call us here at Beach House Realty. Now.

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