Why Buy on LBI? Five simple reasons

beach house sunriseYou’ve dreamed of owning a home “at the beach’ your entire life. You have worked hard and struggled and saved (or, perhaps not struggled, as much) and now have the financial means to purchase that dream home. You’ve targeted New Jersey and its approximately 130 miles of shoreline, but may not necessarily honed in on one beachfront region in particular.

Today, we’re going to present five (yes, we understand there are a myriad of them), reasons you should buy a property on Long Beach Island (LBI).

  1. A plethora of dining options – From bagel huts to some of the finest (and award-winning) restaurant establishments New Jersey has to offer, many of them can be found on LBI. Fresh, off-the hook seafood is a plenty while Italian offerings are no slouch either along the Island. More of a meat-and-potatoes lover? We have that, too – in droves. Ethnic, sushi, or just your mom-and-pop burger and fries joint – you’ll never have to head to the mainland for your food fix. That includes plenty of year-round bites as well.
  2. Exceptional shopping – Who needs the big city or mall environment when you have miles and miles of independently-owned shops strewn across all of LBI! From your typical t-shirt and sun glass shacks, to beach-themed gifts to more both vintage and modern-themed boutiques full of eclectic apparel and jewelry offerings – you’re never at a loss here no matter what’s on your list.
  3. A plethora of outdoor recreational activities – Surfing, check. Cycling, check. Jogging, check. Fishing, check. Swimming, check. Stand-up paddleboarding, check. Safe playground areas for the kids, check. Kayaking, check. Tennis and basketball courts, check. Long walks on the beach with fido (October through May), check. Kiting, check. Sailing, check. Sunset cruising, check. You get the picture.
  4. 18 miles of pristine beaches for you to enjoy – 18 miles – that is nearly five miles longer than Manhattan. If you choose to, you could “beach hop” every day and find something new about the different beach landscapes to enjoy and appreciate.
  5. Stunning sunsets and sunrises – Where else can you witness the stunning sunrise over the ocean in the morning and walk just a few short blocks to catch an equally fantastic sunset over the bay in the evening. How absolutely cool is that?

We could go on and on (and on), but we need to save some more LBI love for a later time.

Want to get a piece of all of this action and opportunity – or just do nothing more than nap on your rooftop deck with a continuous supply of cocktails all of the rest of the days of your life?

At Beach House Realty, we don’t just sell homes, we believe in the magic of LBI – and we’ll find that dream for you, however you define it.

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