Why It’s Smart to Buy (a house, that is) at holiday time

holiday-sellingThe stockings are hung. The tree trimming is done. How is that new home shopping going?


Going on a new-home hunt during the holidays may seem like an unorthodox idea. However, it’s this type of ‘go against the grain, out-of-the-box thinking’ that may see you land the home of your dreams.

“Merry Christmas to me!”

Here are a few reasons our Beach House Realty team thinks it may be a good idea to keep your line out to sea for a new home these holidays:

You’ll potentially get a better deal. There’s a rumor floating out there that home sellers who remain such over the course of the holidays are in a state of “having to” rather than “wanting to” sell their home. This rumor carries a good bit of weight. This can pay off for you as a house hunter and buyer. Sellers will be more motivated to cut a deal and you may be able to cut a better deal on the point of motivation alone.

Lower home-sale prices. Braving the cold and skipping out on a football, hockey or NBA game cold see you pinpoint the listing you’ve not only been searching for, but dreaming of.

Not as much competition with other buyers. This time of the year, you will have less competition for homes that are on the market. Therefore, you’ll likely have more power at the negotiating table as sellers won’t be perusing through multiple offers.

Some more pocket money for presents. If you’re selling your current home as a piece of the overall transaction, it’s more likely you’ll have some more money to spend on others at holiday time – especially considering the delayed first mortgage payment on your new abode.

So, if you’ve been unlucky to date on your new home search – don’t fret. The tides could be turning in your favor yet.

Happy holiday home shopping!

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